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Demand for Montessori Today

Teachers in progressive childcare environments recognize that parents today expect their child's learning environment to provide positive, stimulative education as part of their program. Without question, intellectual stimulation is one of the components that makes Montessori education so unique and vital. Clearly, it is the balanced, enriched Montessori centers which are responding to society's needs that will prosper in the future.

Parent Demand
Without a doubt, parents around the world are increasingly aware of the benefits of an appropriate environment for the successful intellectual, social and emotional development of their children. As parents become more familiar with the theory, methodology practice and success of Montessori, more and more Montessori environments are being created to meet their demand. Today, tens of thousands of Montessori schools are thriving throughout North America and around the world.

A Critical Shortage of Montessori Teachers

"The current teacher shortage is a national dilemma." (AMS brochure 2003)

Teacher demand is very high both in North America and globally, due to the growing number of Montessori environments and the need for trained teachers.

Teachers graduating from our Montessori distance education programs receive a Diploma verifying their knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and proper use of the materials. Typically, Montessori schools require (and parents expect) that teachers have a Montessori Diploma to work in their environment.

Find out more about the Montessori Teaching Careers available in North America. Visit the Classified Ads Sections of the following websites:

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